From Pioneer Kim

I thank God for the rich blessings upon our International Summer Conference 2018! I greatly appreciate your sacrificial love, support and prayer in serving CMI! I praise God for the attendance of many young members of faith, who eagerly seek Him. May God continue to work in us, as well as in the young generation!

I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful opportunity to host our leaders meeting in East Lansing, MI. I praise God for this great privilege to serve you all this meeting.

With a prayerful heart, I have organized a general outline and purpose for our time together:

  1. Restore the Gospel Spirit:

We need to restore the Spirit of the gospel. Many of us agreed that the message of The Cross and Resurrection, the core of the gospel, was missed in the Summer International Conference. As such, I would like to make our program based on the core of the gospel, as we know the gospel is the power of God.


2.Message by Presidential Team Members:

The Presidential team has tremendous zeal to serve God and we have decided to each prepare messages. In doing so, I believe this will provide a sense of stewardship and responsibility in each Presidential member for this meeting.

President, Isaac Koh

Vice President, Isaiah Tak

Treasurer, Zechariah Han

Secretary, Pioneer Kim. 


3.Prayer Support for us & our missionaries in the world:

As there are a multitude of prayer topics from missionaries and churches all around the world, it is really hard jobe to know their prayers topics by one.  I am suggesting that each of our elder missionaries  contact to them and prepare specific prayer topics according to a continental region and share prayer topics and pray for them together.I have compiled a tentative rough draft in assigning prayer topics for each region, please feel free to discuss any changes.

4. Young Generations work for God’s ministry through CMI:

I would like to send invitations to members of our second generation so that they may be inspired to become future leaders of CMI. If possible, I would like to ask Russell Kumagai to join this meeting and share ways for us to encourage and nurture them to become spiritual leaders in CMI.