What we do.

All Nation Disciple Church dedicated to help those who wants to know God or seek their salvation to meet Jesus personally through depth teaching of the Bible, Worship worship service or Fellowship.

We also invite those who grow their personal relationship with Christ through one-on-one Bible study, group Bible study or fellowship together.

We study 10-step Bible or 21-step study for beginners; it will greatly help to know who God is as well as who I am.

We study John’s gospel book through Sunday sermon and the book of Romans through the group Bible study these days.

        What we offer:

·       One-on-one Bible Study: flexible with your time. 

·       Intensive Group Bible Study: weekly 6:00 pm, at the second floor at Union, MSU.  

·      Worship Service : Every Sunday 1 pm at University Christian Church. 

. Spring retreat.

·       International Conference per 4 years.